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Welcome to the Prisco Mobile’s world!

 If you want to activate a Prisco Mobile® phone or unlock a GSM phone, you just have to get a SIM card and choose the plan that suits you best. Slide the SIM card into your phone and go! … Enter the Prisco Mobile® world and enjoy all the benefits it offers to you

About us

 Prisco Mobile service is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO).

We offer alternative, cost-effective and converged services to our customers.

We have evolved to offer the latest technology to keep you always connected. We reach to you, because we have a strong national coverage.

With Prisco Mobile, you can connect with the world and what you like so you can live a unique experience. Welcome to our world … the world of Mobile Prisco.


    No incomprehensible or unjustified charges or fees. We are here to help and offer the best service.


    We are your closest telecomm service and Mobile Virtual Network Operator.


    Prisco Mobile offers economical calls, using rates charged by the second and with no connection charge.